I just got back from a dose of winter that has been missing from the past three weeks. I was starting to actually say to myself and others that I was over winter and that I no longer needed to ski. What a crock! I had a long night on Wednesday thrashing around the Uintas […]


It’s 10pm on a Tuesday night. I’m with 6 teenagers ages 16-18. Their mom’s wouldn’t believe this if I told them but their son’s have volunteered to clean, yes clean without pay or prize, a building. But this is not your typical ordinary building. The “Mormon” Tabernacle was built

I can’t remember a time in my life when I was so interested in the presidential outcome so far in advance of the actual election as I am now. We’re still 10 months away from the first caucus and the buzz is, well buzzing enough for me to start contemplating the front running candidates to […]

When I moved to Kamas, Utah just over a year ago I knew that I would be buying a road bike. The long country roads and the ones that intersect the mountains would surely become my new training grounds. I didn’t give much stock to the Mirror Lake Highway that connects Kamas to Evanston, Wyoming […]


So the jazz man is gone, replaced by the image of my ski tracks above that my friend Jamie (FoothillFreak.com) took on March 7th while we explored some ridges in search of powder in the Uintas. Speaking of gone, it felt like winter was gone today. Highs in Park City were in the mid 50’s […]


After 3 hours of poking around the web and trying to get the hosting, FTP and other stuff figured out I’m getting somewhere with my own personal web 2.0, I think. sigh….maybe I took a wrong turn and got stuck at web 0.2 instead. Now if I can just get rid of that guy playing […]