Doug Coombs was an icon for me and many others that grew up skiing in the late 80’s and 90’s and for whom skiing steep terrain became a passion. I don’t really categorize what I do as “Big Mountain Skiing”, I just ski. A lot of the time I search out steep terrain, rock lined […]


I hear that Seth Godin is a telemark skier. Really, my sources tell me so. But ski season has all but dwindled so he wouldn’t be coming to Utah to ski. The Dip Tour is why he would come. What’s theDip Tour you ask? It’s simple, but so unconventional. Someone once said that when you […]

As I was driving to work this morning there was a report on NPR (Listen to an older NPR report but the same concept) about the quickly vanishing once welcomed hour of the day called the Lunch Hour. It was reported today that on average most American workers are taking a half hour with many […]

Open source in the world of software is quickly proving to be THE way of the future. Take this software platform, WordPress for example. While blog platforms like Blogger took a couple of years to come up with categories (one of the few visible features in the most recent release of the “new” Blogger) open […]

My good friend Josh moved to Ohio. It was two years ago that we first started to dawn patrol together, right after I started working at I found in him a like minded backcountry skier – one of (semi) conservative lines, a knack for adventure, nary a phobia of early morning starts and a […]

My brother -in-law Scott works for Novell. He’s been a “lucky” one, surviving innumerable layoffs while Novell has re-branded and re-organized itself. The following are two things that impress me about what Novell is doing, despite what the street says. 1. Blogging. Take a look at the Novell Blogs, where they have both strategy blogs […]

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Friday was quite the day. Up early to climb and ski Mount Superior with Derek and then a late night at the (I work there) warehouse “putting out a large fire” I was spent when I finally hit the pillow just shy of 2am. Like Friday, Saturday started early as well with me up […]

I’m always up for a ski. Unfortunately, or fortunately, my friends know this. Derek called and wanted to do a dawn patrol of something up Little Cottonwood Canyon. After a couple of south facing suggestions we settled on hitting Mount Superior which rises nearly 3000′ from the canyon highway, right across from Snowbird Ski Resort. […]

Finally hooked up with my friend Chad Wassmer for some road biking after work today. I’ve known Chad for a number of years as he works at Deer Valley and when I worked in the ski resort biz our paths often crossed. We did a casual ride up the Mirror Lake Highway to the gate […]

One of the things I enjoy about my job at is the opportunity and often the challenge of finding small events that we can sponsor.  From this I often meet the most amazing people and get a chance to not only represent the brand I work for but also get to create a lasting […]