In lieu of a couple of blog posts that I’m working on that can’t seem to get out of draft format and a blog presentation that I’m putting the icing on (presenting “Blogging With Purpose” tomorrow at Senator Bennett’s Rural Utah Business Conference), I wanted to post a cool little map tool I found from […]

In anticipation for next week when I’ll be hearing Seth Godin speak, who happens to be one of my favorite authors on business and marketing, I’m posting a video of him speaking about his previous book “All Marketers Are Liars”. Enjoy this video of his presentation to some Google Employees, hosted of course on Google […]

I once asked my cousin-in-law what was the key factor to why his business seemed to thrive. He contemplated for a moment and said, “Because I don’t promise more than I can deliver and what I do promise to accomplish I do so on time.” To illustrate this point I share this sad yet true […]

It snowed again, so like any self respecting backcountry skier I put my bike away for a few days and went out to ski some powder which promptly turned into another fine corn harvest. With the road to Wolf Creek Pass open for the summer, I took advantage of this easy access location just 20 […]

Although I had never heard of this story (I’m in my sophmore season of cycling) I’m certainly anxious to watch this film that is based on the true story of Graeme Obree who broke the world one hour speed record on a bike that he designed himself. According to the film’s website, it opened this […]

Well, perhaps it’s reason #4 or #7 but #2873 feels more substantial, more concrete. It’s strange though. I once said that “Google = BORG 2.0” but I still love it/them. Regardless of the count or my inner struggle to love the big G, here is the reason: Google Alerts. Do you have them? If not, […]

That’s what I told Cynthia “just one hour” as I pedaled away from our home in Kamas. Destination: Wolf Creek Pass. I fell in love with Wolf Creek Pass last year after moving to Kamas and purchasing my first road bike, a Kona Zing Supreme. The climbs are a great challenge, the shoulder is good, […]