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It seems I’m wearing shoes that don’t quite fit…yet. They feel a bit larger than I’m usual. Truth be told, I was let go. “You’re letting me go?” I asked myself. (Those are the words he used.) Surprisingly, I didn’t feel anger or an overwhelming sense of sadness or fear. The only response I could […]

General Robert E Lee is likely one of the most brilliant and intelligent men to ever lead an army. The unfortunate thing for him is that he lead the wrong one, but I believe that in no way diminishes his skill for leadership or the art of war. Apparently I’m not the only one to […]


Death by Powerpoint. I’m sure you’ve “been there” but hopefully not something you can follow with a “done that”. Back in May I gave my first public business presentation at a conference by Senator Bob Bennett for rural business owners. I was asked to speak about the use of blogs in businesses since I run […]

The title of this post may throw some of you off, but for those that know me you’ll know that I’m a part of an online ski community known as the “Maggots”. It’s a long story which I’ll save for another post but I was reading the other day an essay I wrote over there […]

Chris Sharma is widely consider one of the best if not the best climber in the world. (If you had a Wiki page as extensive as his you’d have to be one of the best in the world) Focusing on sport climbing and bouldering, Sharma continues to raise the bar for the climbing world. In […]

For each of the past two summers I’ve biked to work in Park City, Utah from Kamas where I live. It’s 20 miles each way with about 1100′ vertical feet gain each direction thanks to a couple of good hills. Doing this ride 2-3 times each week has kept me in good shape for ski […]