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Marketing at people is so 20th century, but a majority of the marketing done these days is still at people, not with/through people. Companies get away with it because of the “everybody is still doing it” clause, which I don’t subscribe to but can remotely understand, sort of. But if do decide to market at […]

Today mid-day I ran into my buddy Walt who I had been meaning to climb with for some time and asked him when were going to get out climbing? “I’ve got my gear in my car,” he replied to which I quickly followed, “And so do I“. With the mid day temperatures in the upper […]

When you’re starting a new company in a sea of 40+ year old companies and a handful of scrappy upstarts, you’ve got to go about things a bit different. Then again, you could likely pick up a 40 year old textbook on business and realize that different is primarily in the application, not the concept. […]


I love skiing. Surprisingly, to some, I also love the ski industry. Yes they are two separate things. I’ve heard some tell me that they have enjoyed skiing more once they left the ski industry than while they were working in the ski industry. Perhaps that’s because they, along with most who live to work […]


This is one of the cooler things I’ve seen in a while. It comes from The Edge which is a newsletter from Adobe. While the 360 Flex Conference was going on in Seattle a group of guys who were attending the conference got together and donated their time to create a new flex application for […]