Back in “the day” when athletes wanted to get sponsored by a company it involved printing up a bunch of photos that had either been published or which were keepers and creating a portfolio. Then said athlete would put together a three-ring binder with the images and any articles or advertisements that featured the athlete. […]

This is so cool. I was over at (thanks to for the tip) and found this gem. It’s one of those “it’s too easy to believe”. I’m sure my dad or my brother-in-law could figure out ways to complicate the design but I’m all about easy and simple since I was not born […]

…continued from Part 2, this is the final part of the race recap… Leg 5 – Alpine to Jackson Hole Thanks to John’s wife I had that Coke and it felt so good. I had heard the carbonation and sugar was a good alternative to energy drinks when in a long race. John had to […]

…Continued from Part 1… Leg 3 – Montpelier to Afton – Two Passes Thanks to the tandem train John and I met up with Jim and company as we came into the Montpelier feed station. Jim’s crew started out and we made a tough decision – to leave Tim behind. We told John’s wife to […]


Saw this video while reading the NYT online, which finally is free to view. Funny that while reading the news online I would be attracted to a video. Makes you wonder about the powerful medium that is video.So after watching the video a couple of times I checked out the microsite for the 2 Mile […]

I think people must love to screw up a good thing. It’s true. Case in point – blog comment spam. If you’ve got a blog you’ll know that comment spam is getting out of hand. True to form Seth Godin saw it coming back in March of 2005. Good guys keep improving comment moderation tools […]

As it was quite warm earlier this week I went out for a bike ride on the Mirror Lake Highway. I went for a 20 mile ride and had 3 cars pass me, making it more like the “Mirror Lake Myway”. I was wearing the “Butts, Sweat and Gears” jersey that my friend Bill Johnson […]

I can still remeber the call as I listened to the 2006 BYU vs. UofU game on KSL radion and I have the chills as I type just thinking about it….cue Greg Wrubel, voice of the Cougars… “Beck drops back for the pass…plenty 0f time…shufflin, shufflin…rolls to the right…CAUGHT FOR THE TOUCHDOWN (x3) Johnny Harline!!!!….” […]