I’ve had 3 amazing resort days this past week skiing at Snowbasin with my oldest son McKinley, Park City Mountain Resort yesterday and then today at Deer Valley with Jason Mitchell, my good friend who owns FeedTheHabit.com. But Wednesday morning backcountry skiing, which is the primary content in the video below, is evidence of why […]

No matter how hard you try I’m certain that you can’t make adopting a dog look this good in print. Billboard? Nope. Glossy tri-fold? Nada. How about a podcast? Boring. Video is media, video is fun. From Katie at The Wasatch Report

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I was skiing at Park City Mountain Resort this morning with Brian Kahn of “Locals Have More Fun” and I found myself thinking to myself, in perhaps an egotistical way, “Locals indeed have more fun”. But what is it about being a local that is so cool? I mean, everyone is a local to wherever […]

After much prodding from my wife I pealed away from the computer for some needed ski touring. The road over Wolf Creek Pass is still open so I took advantage of the easy access and solitude. The evidence is posted over at FeedTheHabit.com but here is some proof below of a great morning of skiing.  […]

My buddy Eric and I were driving along Highway 224 from Park City towards Kimball Junction and a behemoth H2 Hummer came rolling by. It’s not that I haven’t seen a H2 before. On the contrary, I am quite tired seeing the plethora of Hummers that drive around the Wasatch Back. But this one was […]

It’s always great to get out and ski but even more so when all my friends are at the “office”. Making it a great day was calling it “work” and skiing with a fun crew of people all having a great time didn’t suck either. Tuesday I was up at Park City Mountain Resort with […]

Disclaimer: Although this could be considered shamelss self promotion it is in fact shameless self promotion…as well as promoting my friend Adam Barker who is a very talented photographer If you’re looking for something that the skier in your life will be stoked on and will appreciate for years to come look no further. This […]

I found this worth the 9 minutes it took to watch. Why? Because it caused me to think about global warming in a way and with a simple organized approach that I have not yet seen or considered – with open perspective of the varying results from our action or inaction. I can’t really poke […]


Thanks to our fantastic neighbor Chloe, little Annapurna is ready for the snow. And timely too since we have seen two storms this past week that left 8″ in the front yard. We’re headed out tomorrow night to Wolf Creek Pass to cut down our Christmas tree so I suspect that Annapurna will be sporting […]