I was saddened at the passing of President Gordon B. Hinkley. I’ve read much from him and much about him in the past few days. This video from BYU is a nice tribute with some sound counsel that I would be wise to follow. And this one is a nice example of how one man […]


No, that’s not lunch (although I’m kinda hungry right now) it’s LAUNCH.  Evidence, albeit grainy evididence of this from yesteday morning at Solitude Mountain Resort: Check out the confession I posted on Ski Utah’s blog about my morning.


…me. This is an e-mail my friend Ben Wheeler sent me yesterday: Two things: 1. When I start getting updates about my buds from the internet instead of from them, there is something severely wrong… 2. Congrats on the new Gig! Thanks for the call out Ben.  Somehow “I’ve been busy” doesn’t cut it. Yep, […]

I remember skiing with Shane McConkey (first voice in the following segment) once and while driving to Alta with him and the Gaffney bros he asked what I did in the summers. At the time I was running a lot of trail marathons. He sort of laughed and said that he’d rather jump off stuff […]