I hadn’t realized how many videos I’ve been posting on here lately until I was about to post this video. Truth of the matter is I’m getting lazy creating my own content. Although this video is one that you may have seen before, I find it inspiring and worthy of a second round. But stay […]


Ever had this question? I suppose if you’re a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, an electrician, etc that you don’t hear that question all that often. But being a marketer/blogger/social media guru/content editor I get that question all the time. Perhaps what I don’t do is tell the story well enough about what it is […]


I’ve long contended that Deer Valley is a great place to ski and despite the nay sayers there are some cliffs, drops, steeps and plenty of untracked powder to be had amid the corduroy and the Bogner one piece suits. Dan from Bluehouse Skis is evidence that I’m not blowing smoke. I can’t tell if […]

I’m a fan of Google Apps. There’s something cool about uploading a spreadsheet, inviting a few people to have access to it and then working on it together without the tediousness of wondering if the copy you’ve just received and opened from the latest e-mail is really the most up to date. Not that I […]