Marketing is different these days. The more I think about it, it’s story telling really. Tell the right story to the audience, one they want to hear. One they will enjoy hearing. The video I was working on with Piton Productions for our client Gregory is done. It’s not your typical climbing video – fast […]


I’ve never met Karl Meltzer but used to trail run with a running partner of his, Scott Mason, who would tell me tales of running with Karl. I never grew tired of hearing the stories of Karl’s running. When it comes to the world of tough trail runners, Karl is tops. Not doubt about it. […]


Took McKinley skiing this past week to Deer Valley. Not that it was anything out of the ordinary but then again, it was. After an early morning ski tour on Mt. Aire with friends I came home, got a couple things off my plate and went and pulled McKinley out of school to ski the […]

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My little brother in law is fast. Super fast. Funny thing was, I never realized this as he was growing up. He was this skinny little kid (still is ultra skinny) that bounced off the walls and when he wanted to speak had to pump up the volume to get anyone to hear him. That […]

It’s no secret that I love to ski. But I really love to ski when the season is winding down. Attention turns to biking and running, golf courses open up around the valley, lifts run nearly empty if they run at all, walk on trams at the bird until Memorial Day, backcountry shots that are […]

A couple weeks ago I found myself headed to Hurricane, Utah and from there on to Vegas. The purpose? Filming Gregory climbing athlete Joe Kinder along the way in order to create a video that we could use to brand Joe as a Gregory athlete as well as something that would virally spread throughout the […]


I think I’m open minded. Are you open minded enough to go see this film?


A month or so ago I was up at Brighton Resort with the Bluehouse Skis crew for the Bluehouse Rail Jam. It was cool to see all the skiers that came out to compete. Brighton hooked up the kind spot and a slew of sponsors including kicked down prizes. The winner took home some […]

My buddy Tim Cartwright loves skiing more than anyone I know. On any given day, 365 days a year I could phone him up with the suggestion of a ski trip, a destination, a line on a peak and he’d be game. He’d likely up the ante by suggesting an aspect to the adventure that […]