Driving home from the office in Park City I noticed a large, very large object in the field at Treasure Mountain Middle School – the President’s taxi. Well, it wasn’t exactly the Marine One helicopter as that specific one flew back to Salt Lake City while Mr. Bush was dining at Mitt Romney’s house with […]

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Annapurna loves to go outside. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with her name being that of a mountain but she constantly will say while pointing to the door “shhhhhh” , which translated for those of you without young kids is to say “shoes”. And once she’s outdoors it’s straight to the […]


TodayI skied at Snowbird. They had received over 17″ in the past 48 hours and although it had settled the experience was beyond good. I didn’t take any pictures of myself while skiing but the expression below of my son McKinley from our last ski day at Deer Valley/Park City sums up how I felt […]


I was in downtown Salt Lake City today working at my client’s office (Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau) and went out to lunch with a Shawn, Kaitlyn and Larry. I’d never eaten at Lamb’s Grill Cafe, founded in 1919 by George Lamb. They even use the same recipe for the complimentary bread that George […]


When you register for an event, it’s customary to know if you’re “in” or not within a week or so. Given technology and the many database and excel programs, you might even squeeze the process of determining whose “in” to a few hours, or a day at most. If you’re really antsy and have to […]

I was lucky enough to teach a blog class today for the Park City Board of Realtors. This was the second class I taught.  The first was, for lack of better definition – Blogging 101.  It was more conceptual, the “why” and a few pieces of “how” to wrtie, what to write, etc. This class, […]


Summer is right around the corner and aside from the many things that this annual event brings the one thing I am most looking forward to is the opportunity to ride my bike to work. Wait a sec, I work in the office which is next to the kitchen, across from the bedroom, around the […]