Ride: Wolf Creek Pass Number: 1st time this season – 2008 Conditions: Sunny, great cycling weather, slight tail wind with climb. General Feeling: Knee felt good, lungs and legs were hurting. Granny gear the entire time, too much standing. Note: Permit me to use this blog as a bit of a cycling journal. After this […]


Kudos to Keith at Base Camp Communications for a cool PR hit for the very worthy Africa Bike project (click that link)


I remember 3 years ago when my father and I were (re)building my home and we’d often find ourselves near the end of the day amazed, pointing to the sky at the amazing sunsets that were seen here in the Kamas Valley. One hot summer night I recall us up there roofing or putting siding […]

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I was out for a short bike ride last night on the Mirror Lake Myway where I was passed by a total of 5 cars in one hour. I love riding on that road before the Mirror Lake and other campsites open up. As the sun was setting a fiery red I turned around at […]


Video. It’s a medium that has so much potential for marketers but still requires the story telling mastery of print with captivating imagery of the movies. Just because it’s video doesn’t mean you’ve got limitless amounts of time. It still needs to be done quickly because I, Joe Consumer, still have the power to click […]

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That’s not me in the yellow. That’s me back there in the distance making my point this past weekend near the summit of Mount Nebo. It’s a TGR maggot thing. (click the image and you’ll see it better) 

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I love firsts. First kiss, first climb, first summit, first 100 mile bike ride…first are fun. We had a few firsts this weekend, particularly the planting of our first garden. It’s small and while we don’t have big ambitions for it just yet I hope more than anything that the kids realize the joy of […]


I remember sneaking snacks and treats when I was young. Tip-toe down the stairs, avoiding the third one from the top that creaked loud enough to wake the dead. If successful I’d slip into the kitchen to snag a Ding-Dong, Twinkie or whatever sugar laced item could be rummaged from the kitchen, all the while […]

Project 337 is getting a jump-start, or second life, or whatever you want to call it. (click the link and see) price viagra pharmacy online phentermine online description price best price 100mg viagra and overnight price of generic meridia effexor and topamax interactions aqnd anxiety buy sildenafil citrate lithium order the drug zyban cheap phentermine […]

This past Saturday I headed up the Mirror Lake Highway with friends Jim Holland and Alex Stoy to slide on snow. As typical when we get together the adventure was a bit more than just sliding on snow. After ascending the NW Coulior of Reids Peak we ditched the skis and climbed to the summit […]