If you’re headed to the Park City Art’s Festival that is quickly approaching on August 2-3, be sure to swing by my buddy’s booth and check out his photography. Click on the picture below to read the details. Congrats Adam! –Check out AdamBarkerPhotography.com

If you do, could you tell the whale that I’m tired of seeing him? Thanks.


Are you tired of this yet? I sure am. That’s why I’m here (Plurk.com) more and more. Check me out on Plurk.com 


This is one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes. Besides the fact that it’s simply funny, sometimes I don’t feel like doing things just because everyone else is. Like wearing the ribbon.


I think I rode one of the more beautiful rides of my life today. I’m in Oregon for the week and brought my roadie along so that I can get some rides in. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a great week for riding. This morning I left my parent’s house in Tualatin, […]

It’s the first annual (sounds so much better than first, even though it may not become an annual) bumper sticker photo contest. Send ’em in and you could win some stuff. Guidelines Politics, sports, anything but racial or sexist bumper stickers are fair game. It doesn’t have to be your bumper sticker You have to […]


I don’t care about the haters. I don’t care about the critics. I do care about the cheaters but I still believe that Lance was clean. There I said it, I took a stand, drew that line in the sand.

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I was looking at KSL.com the other day and saw these two interesting notes regarding Ogden on the front page. (click image for a larger more readable image) Seems to me that the #3 rated best town in the country wouldn’t be the type of place for gang shootings. And since when did “towns” have […]

Cyn was up in the Uintas hiking Kings Peak with the boys from Thursday to late Saturday which meant that I was a single dad with Annapurna during that time. Whoa! That single parent stuff can be stressful. Props to all the single parents out there making it happen, and to Cyn who with grace […]


This is my friend Derek. He likes to ski pow. A few of my winter adventures each year include him. He also likes to shoot video using his remote control heli. I’ve had the chance to be his camera operator from time to time which really means that we argue and shout at each other […]