I’ve been getting ready for Lotoja and riding the Mirror Lake Highway in the mornings has been a great option. People say it’s one of the most dangerous roads to ride on. Usually a mecca for campers, trucks towing RV’s and trailers if you know when to go it’s a cycling paradise. I’ve been sticking […]


A few weeks back Cynthia and I drove to Provo and went to the Temple. After an enjoyable evening we left as the sun had recently set over the west desert mountains. With Utah Lake in the distance, the warm colors in the sky, the fountains of the Temple grounds, and my lovely wife Cynthia, […]


When I lived in Spain all those years ago (16 years – wow!) one of the things I liked most about being there were the pastries. That should come as no surprise to those that know my love for doughnuts, but there’s nothing quite like heading to the Pasteleria to get myself something sweet. When […]


I remember a few years ago when the bike manager from Scott sent me a message asking if I’d like to show a road bike film in Salt Lake. I don’t recall the name of the film, but I do recall the questions in my mind like “Would anyone come?” and “How could anyone make […]

I went out for my usual bike ride yesterday morning. The only thing that wasn’t usual about this ride was the companionship of my friend Derek. The thing is, he wasn’t biking but instead brought along his video camera. He was looking to shoot something fun and had wanted to add cycling to his demo […]

As far as I can tell from the Pirates of the Great Salt Lake website, the movie was never really shown to the public. But boy did the marketing look good. I mean, check out their website, complete with an “enter to win pirate booty” contest. Although I would really like to have seen it, […]


I was cycling from Kamas to Oakley through Browns Canyon and then back to Kamas around Highway 248 which passes by the Jordanelle Reservoir when I tried a little detour through a development called Canyon Trails which is all but halted.  Thankfully, not before they got a bunch of the roads paved. It’s a steep […]

Look at the image below.  Given the construction, the style, the colors, where would you say that this hotel belongs? When seen against the city landscape, this hotel may not look so far out of place, but when isolated it sure would fit in much better somewhere else.  (hint – think beach)

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Biker chic’s are cool. Somewhat intimidating to us office/city kids, but so very cool (and hawt!) in a hard to explain way. If I weren’t so intimidated by her I would have shouted out the window: Helmets are for your head honey, not to accessorise your backpack! Tucking the helmet in your backpack? C’mon! If […]