I had to get out of the office. I’m sure you’ve had those types of days when you and the office need some time apart. The blessing in my life is that I can tell my boss (me) that I need to get out. The curse is that I don’t tell myself I need time […]

I’ve had the privelge of meeting and even skiing with a few of the Utah Avalanche Forecasters over the years. Sure, they’re just like the rest of us, putting their skins on one ski at a time (no, they don’t have magical powers that can do both skis at one time). And while they may […]

I took a sanity day last week and got out with old friends and new ones alike. Destination: Timpanogos. It seems I have a love affair with this mountain. But how could you not? It’s massive, taking about the same area as Little Cottonwood Canyon if you measured the length of the massif. Skiing from […]


I hate to say it, and I know that there are still plenty of good ski days left, but the sunshine and warmer weather have me thinking cycling season will be here soon. I’m planning on LOTOJA again this year, possibly the Tour de Park City and if I’m lucky, perhaps I’ll ride the 1000 […]