Spring has definately sprung and when that happens I turn my attention to skiing as many lines as I can squeeze in before the bike, trails, camping and hiking become the only alternatives. Mount Watson stands tall at 11,527′ amidst a number of other peaks like Bald Mountain, Reid and Notch Peak near the Bald […]

A few years ago when it came to backcountry skiing, life didn’t exist outside the Cottonwood Canyons, or to be more precise, life didn’t exist outside of Little Cottonwood Canyon. But with the move to Kamas, my discovery of the Uintas, the dream of “built the skin track and they will come” that was my […]

Just playing around in Photoshop with a photo I took last week on Flagstaff as the sun peaked over Patsy Marley. The original is in the middle on the top row. Click on them to see the large version. Any favorites of the bunch?

It’s a hard thing to be a backcountry skier in Kamas, that is if you are looking for a ski partner. I’ve been able to lure a few friends up from Salt Lake over the past years but most only come once. I understand the tractor beam power of the Cottonwood Canyons. So I find […]

My friend Daren and I set out to finish the year off right – with a ski tour into Beartrap where we had gone immediately following Christmas day. Skies were blue, powder was plentiful and the only tracks we managed to find were the ones we put in. It was one of those days where […]

I had to get out of the office. I’m sure you’ve had those types of days when you and the office need some time apart. The blessing in my life is that I can tell my boss (me) that I need to get out. The curse is that I don’t tell myself I need time […]

I’ve had the privelge of meeting and even skiing with a few of the Utah Avalanche Forecasters over the years. Sure, they’re just like the rest of us, putting their skins on one ski at a time (no, they don’t have magical powers that can do both skis at one time). And while they may […]

I took a sanity day last week and got out with old friends and new ones alike. Destination: Timpanogos. It seems I have a love affair with this mountain. But how could you not? It’s massive, taking about the same area as Little Cottonwood Canyon if you measured the length of the massif. Skiing from […]

I’ve not really been one for celebrating the new year because in reality each day is the start of a new year, despite what the calendar may read. But, since the calendar did turn 1 year older, I suppose then that skiing with Alex and Derek in the Uintas was a great way to end […]

Going Fast, I love it. Cynthia says that my driving is too fast. I know this. Here are two examples of going very fast (three if you count the picture): 1. I’ve never owned a bike computer. I do now and last Saturday’s ride on Wolf Creek Pass was a fun testing ride for it. […]