I’ve been playing around with Animoto and they have a really neat tool I used to create a quick video from still images. You can also use video clips as well but I didn’t have any from the deer hunt. After all, it’s only 5 days of hunting and we got out for 2 of […]

I was talking with my uncle the other day about hunting strategy. He knows I like to hike long and far to get “way back” into some spots where I’m sure to be alone. He’s hunted for 50+ years and he’s got a theory about the close to road spots that are hidden and overlooked. […]


I had a funny interaction with Anna the other day. It went something like this: I was sitting on the bench in our mud-room getting my shoes on to head to work. Next to me was a stack of mail with the picture she’s holding of Uncle Sam. Anna: Daddy, who is that? Me: It’s […]

I don’t recall from my years of being a Boy Scout or even as a boy scout leader that I went on that I ever took a book (aside from the Scout handbook) on a campout. But as McKinley, my oldest son who just turned 11 and joined the local Boy Scout Troop, was packing […]


We moved to Kamas just over 4 years ago following 1 year of “building” our house. We’ve never regretted the move, despite what may appear to some as living light years away from civilization. The Kamas Valley is home and I hope that never changes. With living in a rural town there are certainly some […]

It’s a hard thing to be a backcountry skier in Kamas, that is if you are looking for a ski partner. I’ve been able to lure a few friends up from Salt Lake over the past years but most only come once. I understand the tractor beam power of the Cottonwood Canyons. So I find […]


It’s rainy and cool today.  Water droplets are streaming down my window, the drops playing a pin-ball game as gravity pulls them downward.  The watery window makes for a nice backdrop frame for my laptop, the water streaks leaving a blurry image of greens and grays beyond. With the cool weather comes a re-acquaintance with […]


A few weeks back Cynthia and I drove to Provo and went to the Temple. After an enjoyable evening we left as the sun had recently set over the west desert mountains. With Utah Lake in the distance, the warm colors in the sky, the fountains of the Temple grounds, and my lovely wife Cynthia, […]


When I lived in Spain all those years ago (16 years – wow!) one of the things I liked most about being there were the pastries. That should come as no surprise to those that know my love for doughnuts, but there’s nothing quite like heading to the Pasteleria to get myself something sweet. When […]

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I love firsts. First kiss, first climb, first summit, first 100 mile bike ride…first are fun. We had a few firsts this weekend, particularly the planting of our first garden. It’s small and while we don’t have big ambitions for it just yet I hope more than anything that the kids realize the joy of […]