I’ve been playing around with Animoto and they have a really neat tool I used to create a quick video from still images. You can also use video clips as well but I didn’t have any from the deer hunt. After all, it’s only 5 days of hunting and we got out for 2 of […]

I was talking with my uncle the other day about hunting strategy. He knows I like to hike long and far to get “way back” into some spots where I’m sure to be alone. He’s hunted for 50+ years and he’s got a theory about the close to road spots that are hidden and overlooked. […]


I read a thread on a hunting forum I frequent that talked about spiritual rituals that take place when you take an animal in the mountains. It was a good thread with many posting thoughts and rituals they perform after a successful hunt. This caused me to think about my successful hunt this past Saturday […]