I walked into my friend’s office and he exuberantly told me about a marketing position he knew of that was opening up soon which he felt I’d be good for.  After replying that I didn’t want a job working for anyone, he placed this before me: While I’m not sure if there is indeed a […]


When you hear the phrase “Telling Stories”, aside from the connotation of fibbing, what’s the first thing you think of?  Someone verbally telling stories?  Perhaps a poet?  A storyteller? Did you think of a photographer? Meet John Hafner (self portrait below) who my friend Derek at Piton Productions told me about.  He’s an outdoor and […]

The weather outside is 80 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and my options for today was a century ride, plant grass, go for a hike….but alas, I’m indoors today, all day. All day?  Yep! I’m currently at Word Camp Utah (being held at Novell) which if you walked into the room would look […]


We all belong to at least one community of some sort, whether it’s formally organized or not. In my work and in my life away from work I participate in and bring value to a number of communities. Some are huge, some are small, but the approach is the same when looking to build a […]

As far as I can tell from the Pirates of the Great Salt Lake website, the movie was never really shown to the public. But boy did the marketing look good. I mean, check out their website, complete with an “enter to win pirate booty” contest. Although I would really like to have seen it, […]

It’s the first annual (sounds so much better than first, even though it may not become an annual) bumper sticker photo contest. Send ’em in and you could win some stuff. Guidelines Politics, sports, anything but racial or sexist bumper stickers are fair game. It doesn’t have to be your bumper sticker You have to […]


Kudos to Keith at Base Camp Communications for a cool PR hit for the very worthy Africa Bike project (click that link)


Video. It’s a medium that has so much potential for marketers but still requires the story telling mastery of print with captivating imagery of the movies. Just because it’s video doesn’t mean you’ve got limitless amounts of time. It still needs to be done quickly because I, Joe Consumer, still have the power to click […]

I was lucky enough to teach a blog class today for the Park City Board of Realtors. This was the second class I taught.  The first was, for lack of better definition – Blogging 101.  It was more conceptual, the “why” and a few pieces of “how” to wrtie, what to write, etc. This class, […]

Marketing is different these days. The more I think about it, it’s story telling really. Tell the right story to the audience, one they want to hear. One they will enjoy hearing. The video I was working on with Piton Productions for our client Gregory is done. It’s not your typical climbing video – fast […]