Like many others here in Utah with the increase in the number of Turkey tags this year, I too am new to the ranks of turkey hunting. Although I live in Kamas I put in for Southern Region so that I could reconnect with my uncle Robert who introduced me to bird hunting (dove) nearly […]

I’ve had the privelge of meeting and even skiing with a few of the Utah Avalanche Forecasters over the years. Sure, they’re just like the rest of us, putting their skins on one ski at a time (no, they don’t have magical powers that can do both skis at one time). And while they may […]

This is a letter that my friend wrote to the editor of his local newspaper. He’s a very successful businessman who in his mid 30’s semi-retired to take on a new career – climbing rock and mountains (on his own dime of course). As Wells Fargo (a bank that I have an account with) joined […]

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Printed below is an excerpt from the website ChangeThis, and specifically this essay which was written back in 2004. The desire by too many of us (I say us because we all are part of this mess we call an economy) to have more than enough has led to too many not having enough to […]


For those that are “in the know” you’ve heard me talk about this project that Mark Strickland and I have been working on for months….well, actually for about a year now.  Several sizable speed bumps, a few side tracks, personnel changes, and other unforeseen obstacles have been overcome to bring us to a successful launch […]

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Biker chic’s are cool. Somewhat intimidating to us office/city kids, but so very cool (and hawt!) in a hard to explain way. If I weren’t so intimidated by her I would have shouted out the window: Helmets are for your head honey, not to accessorise your backpack! Tucking the helmet in your backpack? C’mon! If […]


Are you tired of this yet? I sure am. That’s why I’m here (Plurk.com) more and more. Check me out on Plurk.com 


This is one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes. Besides the fact that it’s simply funny, sometimes I don’t feel like doing things just because everyone else is. Like wearing the ribbon.

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I was looking at KSL.com the other day and saw these two interesting notes regarding Ogden on the front page. (click image for a larger more readable image) Seems to me that the #3 rated best town in the country wouldn’t be the type of place for gang shootings. And since when did “towns” have […]


I think I’m open minded. Are you open minded enough to go see this film?