This is a letter that my friend wrote to the editor of his local newspaper. He’s a very successful businessman who in his mid 30’s semi-retired to take on a new career – climbing rock and mountains (on his own dime of course). As Wells Fargo (a bank that I have an account with) joined […]

I really liked this video about the up coming vote that I believe speaks to every Christian regardless of their interpretations or gospel precepts that they follow.

It’s the first annual (sounds so much better than first, even though it may not become an annual) bumper sticker photo contest. Send ’em in and you could win some stuff. Guidelines Politics, sports, anything but racial or sexist bumper stickers are fair game. It doesn’t have to be your bumper sticker You have to […]

Driving home from the office in Park City I noticed a large, very large object in the field at Treasure Mountain Middle School – the President’s taxi. Well, it wasn’t exactly the Marine One helicopter as that specific one flew back to Salt Lake City while Mr. Bush was dining at Mitt Romney’s house with […]

I found this worth the 9 minutes it took to watch. Why? Because it caused me to think about global warming in a way and with a simple organized approach that I have not yet seen or considered – with open perspective of the varying results from our action or inaction. I can’t really poke […]

I can’t remember a time in my life when I was so interested in the presidential outcome so far in advance of the actual election as I am now. We’re still 10 months away from the first caucus and the buzz is, well buzzing enough for me to start contemplating the front running candidates to […]