I really liked this video about the up coming vote that I believe speaks to every Christian regardless of their interpretations or gospel precepts that they follow.


A couple weeks ago I was in Salt Lake doing the Connect Pass City Tour for “work”.  After having a late lunch at the Lion House Pantry I had a couple of hours that I decided to fill with a visit to the Joseph Smith Memorial building in order to watch the movie Joseph Smith, […]


I was saddened at the passing of President Gordon B. Hinkley. I’ve read much from him and much about him in the past few days. This video from BYU is a nice tribute with some sound counsel that I would be wise to follow. And this one is a nice example of how one man […]


It’s 10pm on a Tuesday night. I’m with 6 teenagers ages 16-18. Their mom’s wouldn’t believe this if I told them but their son’s have volunteered to clean, yes clean without pay or prize, a building. But this is not your typical ordinary building. The “Mormon” Tabernacle was built