I received a note today from a guy named Eirk who was along for the cat skiing when in 2004 Bryan Rhodes and I went to PC Powdercats on assignment for FeedTheHabit.com I guess Erik is finally putting a number of his videos up on YouTube and sent me the link. Even though it’s old […]


…this good. …and this good: On my last lift ride up on John Paul I saw a patroller hiking up to the gate.  I called down to him from the lift and asked if he was going to open it to which he replied “Maybe” with a quirky smile.  Just as we crested the last […]

There’s something special about Alta.  For decades people have tried to put it to words, but it’s often more “spiritual” that that, if I can use that word to describe something so mortal.  Not sure if this video explains it either, but it is a good attempt.

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Ski films keep getting better and better.  This one looks like it’s aim is more education than stoke, but I wouldn’t say it’s stoke free. I’m glad to see someone pushing Avalanche Education with some sort of style and reality that hopefully will turn heads. Now if they could just get a sledneck company to […]

Google is huge, HUGE!  But I’m sure you realize this. While I’ve used Google a number of times for self gratification by googling Kendall Card or my alias “powstash”, it’s surprising when I’m not looking for myself that I find myself. Case in point:  I was getting ready to write a blog post for a […]

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When you hear the word “Bluebird“, what images does it conjure up in your mind?  Any specific memories? If you’re a skier there’s no doubt you’ve had a few bluebird days that have etched their way into your cerebral cortex, never to be removed. One specific memory that I have of Bluebird is from a […]

Somehow the idea of a taco stand as the backdrop for this year’s flex video for the new Bluehouse Ski lineup stuck so we made it happen the other day at 8th and State in Salt Lake. I’m so stoked on the line up for the skis. After the video shoot Shane and I got […]

The SALE is on.  This is the real deal from Bluehouse Skis, from the horses mouth. Let me ask you this; Does the owner of your favorite ski company lay down the deals like this in an e-mail to you?  Do they even know that you bought skis from them last season? Do they really […]

After years of showing ski films, most of what I see and hear in the ski films these days does little to get me stoked. Ah sure, what they do on skis is amazing but the presentation and editing does little to make me want to get out and ski. Heck, pulling out an old […]