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I was doing a little housekeeping of images and came across this image which I snapped as a summer storm was passing my way while I was passing through Park City. Nothing special, just the little point and shoot.

Look at the image below.  Given the construction, the style, the colors, where would you say that this hotel belongs? When seen against the city landscape, this hotel may not look so far out of place, but when isolated it sure would fit in much better somewhere else.  (hint – think beach)

If you do, could you tell the whale that I’m tired of seeing him? Thanks.

It may be cliche but I am so proud to be American.  That is all.

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No, that’s not lunch (although I’m kinda hungry right now) it’s LAUNCH.  Evidence, albeit grainy evididence of this from yesteday morning at Solitude Mountain Resort: Check out the confession I posted on Ski Utah’s blog about my morning.

I remember skiing with Shane McConkey (first voice in the following segment) once and while driving to Alta with him and the Gaffney bros he asked what I did in the summers. At the time I was running a lot of trail marathons. He sort of laughed and said that he’d rather jump off stuff […]

My buddy Eric and I were driving along Highway 224 from Park City towards Kimball Junction and a behemoth H2 Hummer came rolling by. It’s not that I haven’t seen a H2 before. On the contrary, I am quite tired seeing the plethora of Hummers that drive around the Wasatch Back. But this one was […]

This is so cool. I was over at Lifehacker.com (thanks to Treehugger.com for the tip) and found this gem. It’s one of those “it’s too easy to believe”. I’m sure my dad or my brother-in-law could figure out ways to complicate the design but I’m all about easy and simple since I was not born […]

I can still remeber the call as I listened to the 2006 BYU vs. UofU game on KSL radion and I have the chills as I type just thinking about it….cue Greg Wrubel, voice of the Cougars… “Beck drops back for the pass…plenty 0f time…shufflin, shufflin…rolls to the right…CAUGHT FOR THE TOUCHDOWN (x3) Johnny Harline!!!!….” […]