Google is huge, HUGE!  But I’m sure you realize this. While I’ve used Google a number of times for self gratification by googling Kendall Card or my alias “powstash”, it’s surprising when I’m not looking for myself that I find myself. Case in point:  I was getting ready to write a blog post for a […]

The weather outside is 80 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and my options for today was a century ride, plant grass, go for a hike….but alas, I’m indoors today, all day. All day?  Yep! I’m currently at Word Camp Utah (being held at Novell) which if you walked into the room would look […]


Rethinking things that are ordinary and customary is either over done or seldom done. The desktop on your computer is a great example. Why is it that it’s organize the way it is?  Icons, all the same size, general colors, etc.  Here is my desktop below. It’s a mess isn’t it? Part of it is […]


I was in downtown Salt Lake City today working at my client’s office (Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau) and went out to lunch with a Shawn, Kaitlyn and Larry. I’d never eaten at Lamb’s Grill Cafe, founded in 1919 by George Lamb. They even use the same recipe for the complimentary bread that George […]


Ever had this question? I suppose if you’re a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, an electrician, etc that you don’t hear that question all that often. But being a marketer/blogger/social media guru/content editor I get that question all the time. Perhaps what I don’t do is tell the story well enough about what it is […]

Back in “the day” when athletes wanted to get sponsored by a company it involved printing up a bunch of photos that had either been published or which were keepers and creating a portfolio. Then said athlete would put together a three-ring binder with the images and any articles or advertisements that featured the athlete. […]

I think people must love to screw up a good thing. It’s true. Case in point – blog comment spam. If you’ve got a blog you’ll know that comment spam is getting out of hand. True to form Seth Godin saw it coming back in March of 2005. Good guys keep improving comment moderation tools […]

When you’re starting a new company in a sea of 40+ year old companies and a handful of scrappy upstarts, you’ve got to go about things a bit different. Then again, you could likely pick up a 40 year old textbook on business and realize that different is primarily in the application, not the concept. […]


This is one of the cooler things I’ve seen in a while. It comes from The Edge which is a newsletter from Adobe. While the 360 Flex Conference was going on in Seattle a group of guys who were attending the conference got together and donated their time to create a new flex application for […]

Holy social tag jungle batman! (If at this point you’re wondering what the links below are hit the back button on your browser – which I’m assuming is Internet Explorer – and pick another result from the Google search)  But in all fairness, I didn’t score too well on the Social Scorecard. Here is a […]