I remember a few years ago when the bike manager from Scott sent me a message asking if I’d like to show a road bike film in Salt Lake. I don’t recall the name of the film, but I do recall the questions in my mind like “Would anyone come?” and “How could anyone make a movie about road biking?”. Obviously, this was before I converted to the skinny tires.

I think those questions came to mind because at the time I was showing films like The Collective, Kranked, and New World Disorder, mountain bike films with big hits, crashes, fast descents and more.

Let’s see, road biking has crashes, fast descents and more…with enough drama to indeed make a film! More than that it has a rich history, in particular in places like Paris, Belgium, Spain and Holland.

So when I was checking out Michael’s post on Velodramatic the other day and read that he went to see the film “Road to Roubaix” I immediately searched out the trailer. After watching it at least 5 times I am now asking myself:

“Why doesn’t someone bring this film to Salt Lake to show in a theater?”

Perhaps I should be that someone…

No American has ever won the Paris-Roubaix. I wonder who, if anyone, ever will.

Read about the Paris-Robaix race

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