My brother -in-law Scott works for Novell. He’s been a “lucky” one, surviving innumerable layoffs while Novell has re-branded and re-organized itself.

The following are two things that impress me about what Novell is doing, despite what the street says.

1. Blogging. Take a look at the Novell Blogs, where they have both strategy blogs and product blogs. Some are “official” company blogs while others have been given this area of the Novell website where they interact with other “tech geeks”. It’s progressive and frankly it embarrasses me that my company hasn’t done this yet. Then again, if it were to do this I would be the guy to do it so I should be saying “I embarrass myself”. Anyway….

2. Linux. A few years back, more than a few, Novell decided to play its cards and go for the end zone with Linux. And although they are still considered an underdog they have a fighting chance of making it happen, in a big way thanks in part to their dedication to Linux.

This is one of three videos from Novell that they came out with at the recent Brainshare conference. Playing on the popular Mac vs. PC media campaign launched by Apple, this video has just the right amount of wit for it to remain sticky in your mind.

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