I went out for my usual bike ride yesterday morning. The only thing that wasn’t usual about this ride was the companionship of my friend Derek.

The thing is, he wasn’t biking but instead brought along his video camera. He was looking to shoot something fun and had wanted to add cycling to his demo reel.

To get all these shots, he drove his car with the camera hanging out the driver side window, rode in the back of my wife’s car, used a tripod as well as his signature remote control helicopter. I’ve worked with him controlling the camera while he flies the heli. This time he just flew and from the looks of it he may do just as well without my help.

Someone on a message board said this of the video – I still can’t believe this is your “hobby”. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve got a feeling that it won’t be a hobby for too much longer.

–More video edits from Derek at Piton Productions

2 Responses to “Another Day on the Bike”

  1. Moto Says:

    K-Card, nice video. I like the section of road up by Wolf Creek.

  2. Jessica Says:

    I love your kit! I wish Nathan would give me one. Cool video.

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